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PIlates Ultra-Fit Circle

with Shelly Power

In this wonderful introductory video, Shelly Power gives you a great workout on ways to use, tone and workout with the Ultra-Fit Circle.

All levels

Spiral Spine: Scoliosis Education

with Erin Myers

Join Erin Myers with her dynamic approach to working with Scoliosis, brought to you by Spiral Spine. Use her visual cues, strategies and research to help yourself or your clients with a variety of different curvatures and feel empowered as an instructor or someone who wants to improve their Scoliosis.​

All levels

Allegro® 2 Reformer Workout

with Nora St. John

Led by Nora St. John, this 54-minute workout incorporates the innovative features of the Allegro 2 Reformer into a complete, full-body workout, with exercises ranging from beginning to advanced.


Pilates Springboard Workouts

with Margot McKinnon

Two great Springboard workouts plus bonus exercises showing the Push-Through Bar!

All levels

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