Pelvic Work & Energy Lines

with Leah Stewart

Join Leah Stewart in this well rounded reformer session. Start with a wonderful mobility warm up in multiple planes and move into a whole body integrated workout which will focus on lower body, upper body and how it integrates into the trunk. You'll notice where your pelvis is in space, lengthen the lines of the body and feel energized!


Advanced Reformer/Chair Circuit

with David Gensheimer

Join David Gensheimer in this wonderful reformer warm-up which leads into a full body workout which will incorporate powerful repetition based circuits using the reformer and chair. Get your workout done in 30 minutes and work both strength and mobility throughout, along with picking up the heart rate in this one of a kind circuit session.


Primal Pilates® Flow

with Louise Johns

Louise Johns delights us with this Original Series and takes us back to the beginning with this Primal Pilates Flow workout. She gives you a wonderful background and then allows you to move organically through some Pilates movements and exercises with a primal twist!


Pinnacle Performance CoreAlign® Workout

with Tessa Hale

Tessa Hale is ready to take you through a fantastic and intermediate level CoreAlign workout. Warm up with some wonderful spine mobility and challenge yourself in multiple body positions using the independent carts. You'll get a whole body workout full of gait, balance, mobility and stability in this 40 minute session.


MOTR® Full Body Fitness

with Lucy Somers

You'll work, balance, strength, agility and more with Lucy Somers on the MOTR. Have fun and focus in on the core during this full body fitness session using this unique, portable and super versatile piece of equipment.


Pilates Arc™ Fabulous Leg Workout

with Erin Myers

Have SO much fun with Erin Myers, former Radio City Rockette, with this fabulous leg workout on the Pilates Arc. Get a nice whole body warm up and then dive into those legs right after with a combination of stability and mobility! Feel like you're kicking like a Rockette along side Erin.


Hollywood Workout

with Maria Leone

Join Maria Leone for this 45 minute long challenging workout on the reformer! This is THE workout she uses with her celebrity clients and athletes in her studio in Beverly Hills, CA. Get moving, feel the tempo heat up and achieve a total body integrated session with expert cueing and coaching from Maria.


Full Body Fun on the EXO® Chair

with Natalie Garcia

Natalie delights you with her energy and makes you work hard in this fun, full body EXO Chair class. Get a great workout and execute creative combinations using the split pedal, all while being coached with dynamic cues. Enjoy!


A Private Session on the Contrology™ Reformer

with Lesley Logan

Ready to move with fluidity and challenge? Lesley Logan takes you through an intermediate to advanced Pilates workout on the Contrology reformer which will pick up the pace! Get ready for a fantastic session where Lesley will coach you on spring settings pertaining to how your body feels that day and move you through a powerful full body integrated workout.


Advanced Reformer Variations

with Taylor Lamanna

Master Instructor Taylor Lamanna coaches you through some advanced reformer variations which will give you a total body experience. Start by working a challenging posterior experience with bridging and move forward into spine articulation, hip mobility and dynamic stretching to prepare for what's to come!


CoreAlign® Integrating Your Center Line

with Lisa Graham

Move with efficiency and ease in this flowing CoreAlign workout with Lisa Graham, of Agile Monkey. This workout focuses on the importance of integrating the inner thighs, midline and shoulders into all of the movements, while incorporating rotation and some new exercise challenges.


Active Recovery with Samantha Schmidt, PT, MPT, CPI

with Sam Schmidt

Sam Schmidt is here to take you through an Active Recovery workout. You can easily do this full body, effective workout on your off days and experience the benefits of a varied approach to your other athletic endeavors!

All levels