Advanced Reformer Variations

with Taylor Lamanna

Master Instructor Taylor Lamanna coaches you through some advanced reformer variations which will give you a total body experience. Start by working a challenging posterior experience with bridging and move forward into spine articulation, hip mobility and dynamic stretching to prepare for what's to come!


Pilates for Healthy Bodies

with Karena Thek

Get introduced to Pilates with this special featured on public television. If you've ever wanted to try Pilates, or convince someone else to try it, this is the perfect video. Karena Thek introduces you to everyday people who have experienced the benefits of Pilates.


Lower Body Injury Prevention

with Leah Versteegen, PT, MS, DPT

Leah gives you an awesome injury prevention workout for the lower body. Focussing on alignment and biomechanics through strength and power, as well as core integration and mobility, you'll get a great ideas on how to stay injury free in your activities of daily life as well as athletic endeavors.

All levels

Introduction to Anatomy + Movement

with Nora St John

Nora gets you set up to dive deep into Anatomy + Movement. She'll guide you on how to set up your skeleton, prepare your environment and work with the clay and tools. Get a great foundation to set yourself up for success to teach this course or continue your education on your own.

All levels

CoreAlign® Integrating Your Center Line

with Lisa Graham

Move with efficiency and ease in this flowing CoreAlign workout with Lisa Graham, of Agile Monkey. This workout focuses on the importance of integrating the inner thighs, midline and shoulders into all of the movements, while incorporating rotation and some new exercise challenges.


Studio Reformer® with Tower Integrated Workout

with Lisa Graham

Start with Lisa and Jeannette as they take you through some push through bar mobility in this workout. She then moves you onto integrating the tower with the reformer carriage by use of the yellow springs for a variety of body positions and goals! If you'd like a whole body workout which integrates both the reformer and the tower, this video is for you!


Aerobic Pilates, Level 1

with Barbara Wintroub

Barbara takes you through some introductory variations on the jump board. This exercise series will focus mainly on lower body strength and gait, but will also increase your heart rate into a more aerobic level.

Beginner, Intermediate

Aerobic Pilates, Level 2

with Barbara Wintroub

Move through multiple body positions while using the jump board on the reformer. These more advanced level sequences will require whole body integration, coordination, balance and cardio!


Pilates! A Gentle Formula to a Strong Body

with Risa Sheppard

Risa Sheppard guides you through The Sheppard Method in this video. She begins in the center of the body and takes you through a whole body experience on the mat. Using only your bodyweight, this approach will help you align, strengthen and mobilize!

All levels

Breathe Pilates: Jump!

with Kelly Milton

Kelly Milton gives you two 50 minute cardio jumpboard workouts which target the whole body. Intervals of jumping are combined with core integration, strength and mobility will give you a targeted yet total body experience!


Contrology™ Reformer Workout

with Ana Caban

Ana Caban takes you through a fantastic introduction on the Contrology reformer variations, the benefits and differences to this incredible piece of equipment. Get your questions answered and then take yourself through a Classical order Pilates workout with Ana as she guides you to the unique ways to use the springs, work harder and challenge the whole body.

All levels

Active Recovery with Samantha Schmidt, PT, MPT, CPI

with Sam Schmidt

Sam Schmidt is here to take you through an Active Recovery workout. You can easily do this full body, effective workout on your off days and experience the benefits of a varied approach to your other athletic endeavors!

All levels