Studio Reformer® with Tower Integrated Workout

with Lisa Graham

Start with Lisa and Jeannette as they take you through some push through bar mobility in this workout. She then moves you onto integrating the tower with the reformer carriage by use of the yellow springs for a variety of body positions and goals! If you'd like a whole body workout which integrates both the reformer and the tower, this video is for you!


Guillotine Tower Exercise Collection

with Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Would you like to know and learn more about the Guillotine Tower from a great resource? This video with Kyria is definitely a must watch for you. Understand this piece of equipment, its benefits, along with a series and collection of exercises to get you started and inspired for more.

All levels

The Lost Treasures Collection

with Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel

Amy and Rachel are passionately sharing with you some of the "Lost Treasures" of the archival footage. They infuse a whole body integrated experience with their own fused approach from The Pilates Center. A variety of exercises and apparatus are involved in this 2 and a half hour video which will bring great joy in the history Joseph Pilates has given us.


Classical Pole/Tower Class

with Leah Wecksler

Leah Wecksler takes you through The Pilates Center classical pole and tower class. Get ready to go through a whole body integrated experience using this apparatus and feel a wonderful workout from head to toe!


The Scoliosis Series, Part 1: Management & Improvement

with Suzanne Martin

Take a leap of faith and make Pilates the lifestyle to manage your scoliosis. Scoliosis may not be curable, but pain and discomfort can often be managed with proper body mechanics, knowledge and postural strengthening.

Beginner, Intermediate

Pilates Springboard Workouts

with Margot McKinnon

Two great Springboard workouts plus bonus exercises showing the Push-Through Bar!

All levels

The Guillotine Tower with Ron Fletcher

with Ron Fletcher

Pilates elder Ron Fletcher takes you through a workout on the Guillotine, a fundamental piece of equipment found in the original New York Pilates studio.


PSC Pilates Advanced Pilates Cadillac

with Kelli Altounian and Emily Zachary-Smith

Great for the athlete or advanced student. Work from all sides of the Cadillac. Learn how to quickly transition from one exercise to the next.


PSC Cardio Tower

with Kelli Altounian and Andromeda Stevens

Get a great cardio workout using a springboard or tower! Learn cutting edge techniques for your own workout or to integrate into your tower sessions.

Intermediate, Advanced

Reformer + Tower Workouts: Integrated

with Joy Karley

Adding a Tower to your Reformer gives you most of the functionality of a full Trapeze Table. In this two video set, Joy Karley leads you through an integrated Reformer/Tower workout (69 minutes), and a Trapeze Table workout (58 minutes) that also includes exercises off the back of the Tower.

All levels

Allegro 2 Tower of Power® and Integrated Workout

with Nora St. John

A challenging, 45-minute workout on the Allegro 2 System with Tower, including traditional Tower exercises as well as exercise options that integrate the Tower with the moving Reformer carriage.

All levels

Allegro Tower of Power®: Tower Workout

with Marci Clark

Enjoy this total body workout with over 17 exercises taught in multiple body positions and planes of motion!

All levels