Bodhi Suspension System® Free Yet Stable

with Taylor Lamanna

Balance stability and mobility in this full body workout with Taylor Lamanna! Start with challenging your center of gravity and base of support with the Bodhi Suspension system and work into challenging core integration, arm work and lower body strength and power.

All levels

Athletic Bodhi

with Nico Gonzalez

Join Nico Gonzalez in this athletic inspired, tough workout that pushes you to find your own inner athlete on the Bodhi Suspension System.


Bodhi for Men

with Viktor Uygan

A full bodied, challenging strength training workout on the Bodhi Suspension System. Great for a fast paced workout and for those with previous suspension training experience.


Bodhi: Dancing With Ropes

with Joy Karley

Get this challenging and functional workout "dance" on the Bodhi Ropes that guarantees to work the entire body.


Bodhi: Mat on the Ropes

with Joy Karley

This workout will tone and strengthen the core, upper body and lower body while experiencing the body’s dynamic relationship to gravity by using the Bodhi ropes.

Beginner, Intermediate

Bodhi Suspension System®

with Portia Page

Portia Page teaches both an introductory workout (21 minutes) and a Full-Body workout (37 min.), that focuses on core integration, upper and lower body work, and balance training.

All levels