Pilates! A Gentle Formula to a Strong Body

with Risa Sheppard

Risa Sheppard guides you through The Sheppard Method in this video. She begins in the center of the body and takes you through a whole body experience on the mat. Using only your bodyweight, this approach will help you align, strengthen and mobilize!

All levels

Breathe Pilates: Jump!

with Kelly Milton

Kelly Milton gives you two 50 minute cardio jumpboard workouts which target the whole body. Intervals of jumping are combined with core integration, strength and mobility will give you a targeted yet total body experience!


Contrology™ Reformer Workout

with Ana Caban

Ana Caban takes you through a fantastic introduction on the Contrology reformer variations, the benefits and differences to this incredible piece of equipment. Get your questions answered and then take yourself through a Classical order Pilates workout with Ana as she guides you to the unique ways to use the springs, work harder and challenge the whole body.

All levels

Active Recovery with Samantha Schmidt, PT, MPT, CPI

with Sam Schmidt

Sam Schmidt is here to take you through an Active Recovery workout. You can easily do this full body, effective workout on your off days and experience the benefits of a varied approach to your other athletic endeavors!

All levels

Ped-o-Pull Exercise Collection

with Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Own a Ped-o-Pull and want a wonderful introduction of how to utilize this piece of equipment, its benefits as more? Kyria gives great information and instruction along with a variety of exercises and ideas on ways to best use.

All levels

Guillotine Tower Exercise Collection

with Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Would you like to know and learn more about the Guillotine Tower from a great resource? This video with Kyria is definitely a must watch for you. Understand this piece of equipment, its benefits, along with a series and collection of exercises to get you started and inspired for more.

All levels

Ladder Barrel Exercise Collection

with Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Kyria gives you a great collection of ways to use the "lonely ladder barrel" in your studio. Join her as she takes you through options to use this fantastic and effective piece of equipment as part of your Pilates sessions. Let your ladder barrel be lonely no more with these exercises!

All levels

Rialto™ Reformer Workout with Christine Crooks-Nguyen

with Christine Crooks-Nguyen

Get a great introduction on the Rialto reformer with Christine! She guides you on the user friendly features of this reformer and then takes you into a wonderful full bodied workout using the sitting box lite, which comes with the Rialto reformer.

All levels

Oov® Introductory Workout

with Mette Hansen

Mette Hansen takes you through a wonderful introductory workout on this dynamic product, the Oov! Notice how many exercises you might perform regularly can feel entirely different when you add in this piece of equipment. Challenge your core, mobility and stability the entire time!

Beginner, Intermediate

Advanced Reformer Class

with Amy Taylor Alpers

Amy Taylor Alpers takes you through a Level 5 reformer class. Step into The Pilates Center at Boulder with her students and join in this challenging series of exercises and get a whole body workout from this dynamic teacher.


Total Body EXO® Chair Workout Using Slastix™

with Christine Crooks-Nguyen

Join us in this dynamic EXO Chair workout! Want spine mobility, core, lower body and a whole body integrated experience? This video is for you. PLUS, add resistance with the Slastix to change the feedback through the body and an extra challenge!


Handmade: The Making of a Balanced Body® Reformer

with Balanced Body

See how a Balanced Body Reformer is made in this short video.