Orbit™ Workout, Level 1

with Octavio Galindo and Monica Renee

Roll your way through a fun, full-body workout that strengthens and stretches. Perfect for any level of fitness or Pilates experience.


Reformer Workouts on the Allegro®

with Viktor Uygan

Enjoy two great entry-level yet challenging Reformer workouts from Viktor Uygan of Konnect Pilates, plus setup and safety tips for your Allegro.

All levels

Flex Ring Toner® Workout

with Elizabeth Larkam

Improve muscle tone, endurance, coordination and balance. Great for hard to firm up problem areas. Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced variations.

All levels

Pilates Springboard™ Workout

with Ellie Herman

Ellie Herman’s Tower workout features classic Pilates exercises plus original exercises created for the Pilates entire body with this fabulous workout!

All levels

Tower on the Go Workout

with Blane Ashby

Three workouts focusing on the core, lower body, or upper body - mix and match as you like. Clear explanations and demonstration of each exercise, including set up and adjustment of the Tower on the Go.

All levels

Pilates on the Go® for Golf

with Maria Leone and Steve Pate

Maria Leone and PGA golfer Steve Pate demonstrate exercises to increase core strength, flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Take strokes off your score and hit the ball longer and more consistently.

All levels

Pilates on the Go® for Fitness Ball

with Maria Leone

Re-released by Balanced Body, this inspiring Pilates workout on the fitness ball with celebrity trainer Maria Leone will enhance your core conditioning and balance.

All levels

MOTR® Level 1 & 2 Workouts

with Erika Quest

Get ready to improve your balance, aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility with fun and functional exercises.

All levels

Bodhi Suspension System®

with Portia Page

Portia Page teaches both an introductory workout (21 minutes) and a Full-Body workout (37 min.), that focuses on core integration, upper and lower body work, and balance training.

All levels

Pilates on the Go® for Mat

with Maria Leone

Beginning with a warm up and review of Pilates principles, this workout is a full body challenge. Some exercises use resistance bands and tubing. Improve posture and core strength!

All levels