Scoliosis: The Cerny System - Short Sequence

with Jana Cerny

This video provides you with the basic necessary tools to start changing your scoliosis today with The Cerny System.


CoreAlign Hip & Shoulder Program

with Lindy Royer

Explore shoulder and hip exercise progressions on the CoreAlign with Lindy Royer. Discover how to use the unique features of the CoreAlign to strengthen, restore and enhance sports specific performance.


CoreAlign Winter Sports Program

with Lindy Royer

See how the CoreAlign can activate, balance and coordinate the anatomical systems we use in winter sports like skiing.


A Session with Alan Herdman

with Alan Herdman

In this video Pilates pioneer Alan Herdman turns your Allegro 2 Reformer session into a fun and effective workout by adding new movements.

Beginner, Intermediate

Twisted Reformer from Balanced Body

with Nora St. John

Adding rotation and lateral flexion to reformer exercises is fun for challenging balance and proprioception!


Advanced Reformer from Balanced Body

with Viktor Uygan

Up for a challenge on the reformer? Viktor Uygan of Konnect Pilates and inventor of the Konnector, leads you through an advanced workout on the Allegro 2 Reformer.