Twisted Reformer from Balanced Body

with Nora St. John

Adding rotation and lateral flexion to reformer exercises is fun for challenging balance and proprioception!


Advanced Reformer from Balanced Body

with Viktor Uygan

Up for a challenge on the reformer? Viktor Uygan of Konnect Pilates and inventor of the Konnector, leads you through an advanced workout on the Allegro 2 Reformer.


Pilates on the CoreAlign®

with Nancy Myers

CoreAlign and Pilates are a perfect match! Nancy Myers of EHS Pilates takes you through a workout that shows you how seamlessly the CoreAlign can be integrated with Pilates.


Gait on the CoreAlign®

with Nancy Myers

Gait expert Nancy Myers of EHS Pilates takes you through a gait-focused workout on the CoreAlign. Great for those with neuromuscular disorders, spinal cord injuries or gait dysfunction.

Beginner, Intermediate

Return to Health with Alan Herdman

with Alan Herdman

Pilates pioneer Alan Herdman takes you through a Reformer workout that show why Pilates works for every body. Good for those who have never done Pilates, those looking to re-engage with Pilates and those recovering from surgery.


Hard Core Scoliosis

with Erin Myers

An accessible, easy to follow workout for anyone with scoliosis. An approachable 40-minute workout to help you increase awareness of your body alignment. Get a great workout, improve core strength, and strengthen your spiral spine!


PSC Pilates Advanced Pilates Cadillac

with Kelli Altounian and Emily Zachary-Smith

Great for the athlete or advanced student. Work from all sides of the Cadillac. Learn how to quickly transition from one exercise to the next.


PSC PMS Relief Workout

with Ariel Kashanchi

Find your body's harmony in this title from Pilates Sports Center. Relieve symptoms of PMS with this unique, gentle workout that helps reduce pain, bloating, and stress experienced during PMS.

Beginner, Intermediate

PSC Pilates Wunda Chair Workout

with Kelli Altounian and Andromeda Stevens

An intermediate to advanced Chair workout. Increase balance and coordination, learn twists on exercises, and maybe pick up a few new ones! Great for the experienced home user, or to get ideas for your chair sessions.

Intermediate, Advanced