Balanced Body

Cardio MOTR®

with Viktor Uygan

Join Viktor Uygan as he explores new ways to get your heart rate pumping and your muscles quivering in this cardio packed workout on the MOTR.


Bodhi: Mat on the Ropes

with Joy Karley

This workout will tone and strengthen the core, upper body and lower body while experiencing the body’s dynamic relationship to gravity by using the Bodhi ropes.

Beginner, Intermediate

Pilates on the Go® for Golf

with Maria Leone and Steve Pate

Maria Leone and PGA golfer Steve Pate demonstrate exercises to increase core strength, flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Take strokes off your score and hit the ball longer and more consistently.

All levels

Bodhi: Dancing With Ropes

with Joy Karley

Get this challenging and functional workout "dance" on the Bodhi Ropes that guarantees to work the entire body.


SmartBell®: Workout for Travel or Home

with Vicki Sullivan

This full-body workout will challenge you, yet it’s short enough to fit into a busy travel schedule.

All levels

Reformer + Tower Workouts: Integrated

with Joy Karley

Adding a Tower to your Reformer gives you most of the functionality of a full Trapeze Table. In this two video set, Joy Karley leads you through an integrated Reformer/Tower workout (69 minutes), and a Trapeze Table workout (58 minutes) that also includes exercises off the back of the Tower.

All levels

A Session with Alan Herdman

with Alan Herdman

In this video Pilates pioneer Alan Herdman turns your Allegro 2 Reformer session into a fun and effective workout by adding new movements.

Beginner, Intermediate

Strength & Endurance: With Props

with Nico Gonzalez

In this 30 minute session, Nico will take you through a functional, integrated workout using two 3-lb weighted balls to work the entire body.


Ballet Barre Mix

with Joy Karley and Lizbeth Garcia

Great for ballet dancers who can use their style and skill within the workout, and for first-timers who’d like to add a challenging classical ballet element to their Barre workout.

Beginner, Intermediate

Active Aging MOTR®

with Erika Quest

Get great ideas and a multitude of ways to work out this growing population using the MOTR and incorporating them into your environment. Simple, effective, user friendly and fun!


CoreAlign Level 1 Workout

with Nora St. John

Part cardio, part mind body, part strength training. Get a CoreAlign overview and a beginner/intermediate workout!

Beginner, Intermediate

Athletic Bodhi

with Nico Gonzalez

Join Nico Gonzalez in this athletic inspired, tough workout that pushes you to find your own inner athlete on the Bodhi Suspension System.