Primal Pilates® Flow

with Louise Johns

Louise Johns delights us with this Original Series and takes us back to the beginning with this Primal Pilates Flow workout. She gives you a wonderful background and then allows you to move organically through some Pilates movements and exercises with a primal twist!


Magic Circle Routines

with Jillian Hessel

Join Jillian Hessel as she takes you through exercise sequences using the magic circle, or, "the ring of fire," as she says. You'll train multiple body positions, use the power of breathing and focus on centering, control and precision as she guides you through this workout.


How to Adjust the Spring Bracket on a Contrology® Reformer

with Kaleen Canevari

Kaleen gives you some information and great tips on spring slack when the carriage is in the closed position. You'll learn how to adjust that slack with ease on your Contrology reformer, so that the feel of the carriage is exactly what you need and desire!


How to Unbox and Assemble a CoreAlign®

with Kaleen Canevari

Ken and Kaleen show you how to unbox and assemble a CoreAlign. This video will help you get your CoreAlign up and running safely; however if you need more information on the two types of ladders which you can use with your CoreAlign, look for that video separately!

All levels

CoreAlign® Integrating Your Center Line

with Lisa Graham

Move with efficiency and ease in this flowing CoreAlign workout with Lisa Graham, of Agile Monkey. This workout focuses on the importance of integrating the inner thighs, midline and shoulders into all of the movements, while incorporating rotation and some new exercise challenges.


Pilates! A Gentle Formula to a Strong Body

with Risa Sheppard

Risa Sheppard guides you through The Sheppard Method in this video. She begins in the center of the body and takes you through a whole body experience on the mat. Using only your bodyweight, this approach will help you align, strengthen and mobilize!

All levels

Ped-o-Pull Exercise Collection

with Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Own a Ped-o-Pull and want a wonderful introduction of how to utilize this piece of equipment, its benefits as more? Kyria gives great information and instruction along with a variety of exercises and ideas on ways to best use.

All levels

Oov® Introductory Workout

with Mette Hansen

Mette Hansen takes you through a wonderful introductory workout on this dynamic product, the Oov! Notice how many exercises you might perform regularly can feel entirely different when you add in this piece of equipment. Challenge your core, mobility and stability the entire time!

Beginner, Intermediate

The Lost Treasures Collection

with Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel

Amy and Rachel are passionately sharing with you some of the "Lost Treasures" of the archival footage. They infuse a whole body integrated experience with their own fused approach from The Pilates Center. A variety of exercises and apparatus are involved in this 2 and a half hour video which will bring great joy in the history Joseph Pilates has given us.


Pain-Free Pilates for Stretch-eze Band

with Kimberly Dye

Enjoy the benefits of the Stretch-eze band when performing this Pilates workout! Kimberly will help you engage and deepen your core activation and stay out of your hip flexors and neck while gaining extra biofeedback with the Stretch-eze.

All levels

HomeBody: Stretch, Tone & Strengthen

with Jillian Hessel

Strengthen, tone and work on your posture and core in this home workout with Jillian Hessel! You'll also get the benefit of moving to music and getting a total body experience.

All levels

Balanced Body® ActivMotion Bar® Pilates Mat Workout

with Lizbeth Garcia

Lizbeth Garcia gives you a great workout using the variability of the ActivMotion Bar! Join her on the mat where you'll get a whole body experience from flexibility to strength, all while navigating the fun and functional ball bearings of the weighted bar.

All levels