Active Recovery with Samantha Schmidt, PT, MPT, CPI

with Sam Schmidt

Sam Schmidt is here to take you through an Active Recovery workout. You can easily do this full body, effective workout on your off days and experience the benefits of a varied approach to your other athletic endeavors!

All levels

PSC PHiiT (Pilates High Intensity Interval Training)

with Joshua Smith

Using just eight select Pilates exercises, Joshua Smith of Pilates Sports Center has created a challenging, fun, high intensity, ingenious workout!

Intermediate, Advanced

CoreAlign Winter Sports Program

with Lindy Royer

See how the CoreAlign can activate, balance and coordinate the anatomical systems we use in winter sports like skiing.


Bodhi Suspension System® Free Yet Stable

with Taylor Lamanna

Balance stability and mobility in this full body workout with Taylor Lamanna! Start with challenging your center of gravity and base of support with the Bodhi Suspension system and work into challenging core integration, arm work and lower body strength and power.

All levels

MOTR® Balance, Strength and Core

with Valentin

Get an action packed balance, strength and core workout on the MOTR and discover clever ways to use the MOTR to challenge your agility and core.


Bodhi for Men

with Viktor Uygan

A full bodied, challenging strength training workout on the Bodhi Suspension System. Great for a fast paced workout and for those with previous suspension training experience.


Athletic Bodhi

with Nico Gonzalez

Join Nico Gonzalez in this athletic inspired, tough workout that pushes you to find your own inner athlete on the Bodhi Suspension System.


Primal Movement Flow

with Nico Gonzalez

In this 30-minute workout, Nico Gonzalez divides it into 3 mini sessions of lower body, upper body and core integration.

All levels

Aligned, Strong and Fit on the CoreAlign®

with Tom McCook

Focus on alignment and full-body conditioning with a workout which emphasizes standing exercises which are powerful for improving movements and performance related to sports and daily life.


PIlates Playground

with Nico Gonzalez

Join Nico Gonzalez in this dynamic and fun filled mat workout involving props! Begin with adding breath and preparing yourself and rev things up as you go along.

All levels

HomeBody: Stretch, Tone & Strengthen

with Jillian Hessel

Strengthen, tone and work on your posture and core in this home workout with Jillian Hessel! You'll also get the benefit of moving to music and getting a total body experience.

All levels