Aerobic Pilates, Level 1

with Barbara Wintroub

Barbara takes you through some introductory variations on the jump board. This exercise series will focus mainly on lower body strength and gait, but will also increase your heart rate into a more aerobic level.

Beginner, Intermediate

Breathe Pilates: Jump!

with Kelly Milton

Kelly Milton gives you two 50 minute cardio jumpboard workouts which target the whole body. Intervals of jumping are combined with core integration, strength and mobility will give you a targeted yet total body experience!


Contrology™ Reformer Workout

with Ana Caban

Ana Caban takes you through a fantastic introduction on the Contrology reformer variations, the benefits and differences to this incredible piece of equipment. Get your questions answered and then take yourself through a Classical order Pilates workout with Ana as she guides you to the unique ways to use the springs, work harder and challenge the whole body.

All levels

Rialto™ Reformer Workout with Christine Crooks-Nguyen

with Christine Crooks-Nguyen

Get a great introduction on the Rialto reformer with Christine! She guides you on the user friendly features of this reformer and then takes you into a wonderful full bodied workout using the sitting box lite, which comes with the Rialto reformer.

All levels

The Lost Treasures Collection

with Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel

Amy and Rachel are passionately sharing with you some of the "Lost Treasures" of the archival footage. They infuse a whole body integrated experience with their own fused approach from The Pilates Center. A variety of exercises and apparatus are involved in this 2 and a half hour video which will bring great joy in the history Joseph Pilates has given us.


Advanced Reformer Class

with Amy Taylor Alpers

Amy Taylor Alpers takes you through a Level 5 reformer class. Step into The Pilates Center at Boulder with her students and join in this challenging series of exercises and get a whole body workout from this dynamic teacher.


Konnector® Reformer: Working into 4-Way Movement

with Mette Hansen

Join Mette Hansen in this fantastic full bodied workout on the reformer. You'll combine traditional reformer exercises with the Balanced Body Konnector. Notice how the body will need to shift and change depending on the use of the straps and how you will gain the opportunity to work into 4 way movement strategies!

All levels

Learn from Two Masters

with Jillian Hessel

Join Jillian Hessel as she shares the work she learned from her two mentors, Kathy Grant and Carola Trier. This video is divided up into segments which detail pre-Pilates, posture, mat work and reformer.

All levels

Spiral Spine: Scoliosis Education

with Erin Myers

Join Erin Myers with her dynamic approach to working with Scoliosis, brought to you by Spiral Spine. Use her visual cues, strategies and research to help yourself or your clients with a variety of different curvatures and feel empowered as an instructor or someone who wants to improve their Scoliosis.​

All levels

Reformer + Tower Workouts: Integrated

with Joy Karley

Adding a Tower to your Reformer gives you most of the functionality of a full Trapeze Table. In this two video set, Joy Karley leads you through an integrated Reformer/Tower workout (69 minutes), and a Trapeze Table workout (58 minutes) that also includes exercises off the back of the Tower.

All levels

Reformer Workout using the Infinity Footbar®

with Tom McCook

Get a great workout and awesome ideas using The Infinity Footbar® on the Balanced Body Studio Reformer®, Clinical Reformer® and also great if you have an Allegro 2.


Energizing Studio Reformer® Workout

with Nora St. John

Energize your workout and learn about the Studio Reformer in this video with Nora St John.