Tower on the Go Workout

with Blane Ashby

Three workouts focusing on the core, lower body, or upper body - mix and match as you like. Clear explanations and demonstration of each exercise, including set up and adjustment of the Tower on the Go.

All levels

Orbit™ Workout, Level 1

with Octavio Galindo and Monica Renee

Roll your way through a fun, full-body workout that strengthens and stretches. Perfect for any level of fitness or Pilates experience.


MOTR® Level 1 & 2 Workouts

with Erika Quest

Get ready to improve your balance, aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility with fun and functional exercises.

All levels

MOTR: Set-up & Assembly

with Erika Quest

Learn more about the MOTR in this video! Erika Quest guides you through how to set-up your MOTR and also takes you through an introductory workout, along with taking it up a notch to a bit more intermediate work.


Allegro® Introduction and Level 1 Workout

with Elizabeth Larkam

A great introduction to the Allegro Reformer, and an introductory + Level 1 workout which you use with any reformer option.


Flex Ring Toner® Workout

with Elizabeth Larkam

Improve muscle tone, endurance, coordination and balance. Great for hard to firm up problem areas. Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced variations.

All levels

The Pilates Arc™ Workout

with Lizbeth Garcia

Use the Pilates Arc in unique ways to make the most of it! Demonstrated at beg/int/adv levels, it’s perfect for any fitness level or Pilates experience.

All levels

PIlates Ultra-Fit Circle

with Shelly Power

In this wonderful introductory video, Shelly Power gives you a great workout on ways to use, tone and workout with the Ultra-Fit Circle.

All levels

Avalon® Arm Chair

with Rael Isacowitz

BASI Founder Rael Isacowitz discusses and demonstrates the Avalon Arm Chair. Length: 62 minutes.

All levels

CoreAlign Level 1 Workout

with Nora St. John

Part cardio, part mind body, part strength training. Get a CoreAlign overview and a beginner/intermediate workout!

Beginner, Intermediate

Pilates IQ® Reformer Workout

with Shelly Power and Tom McCook

Enjoy a Reformer workout that integrates core control, correct breathing and proper alignment with smooth, continuous movements for all the major muscle groups.

All levels

Reformer + Tower Workouts: Integrated

with Joy Karley

Adding a Tower to your Reformer gives you most of the functionality of a full Trapeze Table. In this two video set, Joy Karley leads you through an integrated Reformer/Tower workout (69 minutes), and a Trapeze Table workout (58 minutes) that also includes exercises off the back of the Tower.

All levels