Lower Body Injury Prevention

with Leah Versteegen, PT, MS, DPT

Leah gives you an awesome injury prevention workout for the lower body. Focussing on alignment and biomechanics through strength and power, as well as core integration and mobility, you'll get a great ideas on how to stay injury free in your activities of daily life as well as athletic endeavors.

All levels

Breathe Pilates: Jump!

with Kelly Milton

Kelly Milton gives you two 50 minute cardio jumpboard workouts which target the whole body. Intervals of jumping are combined with core integration, strength and mobility will give you a targeted yet total body experience!


Jump Board Workout II: With Props

with Kelli Altounian and Andromeda Stevens

Add bands and small balls to an already challenging jump board routine and you’ve got a heart-thumping cardio workout.

Intermediate, Advanced

The Jump Board Workout

with Kelli Altounian and Andromeda Stevens

Get a cardio workout while lying down! Burn calories and expand your Pilates repertoire with this challenging workout from Pilates Sports Center.

Beginner, Intermediate

The Jump Board III: Advanced Cardio Pump

with Kelli Altounian and Andromeda Stevens

Challenge yourself with this 30-minute advanced jumpboard workout. Using handweights and more advanced dance moves makes this the most intense jumpboard workout yet!


PSC PHiiT (Pilates High Intensity Interval Training)

with Joshua Smith

Using just eight select Pilates exercises, Joshua Smith of Pilates Sports Center has created a challenging, fun, high intensity, ingenious workout!

Intermediate, Advanced

PSC Cardio Tower

with Kelli Altounian and Andromeda Stevens

Get a great cardio workout using a springboard or tower! Learn cutting edge techniques for your own workout or to integrate into your tower sessions.

Intermediate, Advanced

Cardio MOTR®

with Viktor Uygan

Join Viktor Uygan as he explores new ways to get your heart rate pumping and your muscles quivering in this cardio packed workout on the MOTR.


Mindful Tabata

with Joy Karley

This intense yet mindful workout that starts with a complete warm up and then flies through 3 quick Tabatas and finishes you off with a well deserved cool down, all in under 30 minutes!

All levels

Fusion Pilates Triple Threat Workout

with Jennifer Gianni

Jennifer Gianni of Fusion Pilates takes you through her triple threat! A combination of low impact cardio, Pilates toning and balance work using a small stability ball will give you a guided and fun whole body integrated experience!

All levels

HomeBody: Stretch, Tone & Strengthen

with Jillian Hessel

Strengthen, tone and work on your posture and core in this home workout with Jillian Hessel! You'll also get the benefit of moving to music and getting a total body experience.

All levels