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    Chair & Barrels

    EXO® Chair Workout

    Join Balanced Body educator Portia Page for a dynamic workout on the EXO® Chair.

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    Reformer Workouts on the Allegro

    Just got your Reformer? You’ll love these two challenging yet entry level workout!

  3. video thumbnail for Tower on the Go Workout


    Tower on the Go Workout

    Join Balanced Body educator Blane Ashby for an innovative Pilates Tower workout…on the go!

  4. video thumbnail for MOTR



    Join Erika Quest as she leads an introductory and a full-body workout on the incredible MOTR (MOre Than a Roller) – a complete person training package in a 43” tube.

  5. video thumbnail for Bodhi Suspension System

    Bodhi Suspension System®

    Bodhi Suspension System

    Join Portia Page for a workout on the world’s first four-point suspension system for fitness!

  6. video thumbnail for Bodhi for Men

    Bodhi Suspension System®

    Bodhi for Men

    Join Viktor Uygan as he takes you through this full bodied, challenging strength training workout on the Bodhi Suspension system. Great for a fast paced workout and for those with previous suspension training experience. Level: L3.