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    Stretch and Stamina

    Bring more stretching to your workout routine, while also increasing stamina and strength.

  2. video thumbnail for Pilates Pro at Home: Perfect Posture


    Pilates Pro at Home: Perfect Posture

    Learn from industry expert Elizabeth Larkam in the comfort of your own home and build strong back muscles and fabulous posture.

  3. video thumbnail for Pilates on the Go® for Mat


    Pilates on the Go® for Mat

    This is an excellent Pilates mat workout filmed in an inspiring outdoor setting.

  4. video thumbnail for Hard Core Scoli


    Hard Core Scoli

    An accessible, easy to follow workout for anyone with scoliosis. Props used: Mat, chair, large mirror, towel.

  5. video thumbnail for Pilates Small Ball Workout


    Pilates Small Ball Workout

    This safe, fun, and effective workout will help build core strength, improve balance and flexibility, and increase your range of motion. Props used: mat, 8-10" ball.

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    Bodhi Suspension System®

    Mat on the Ropes

    Join Joy Karley for the stability and strength of Bodhi Suspension training with the refinement and precision of Pilates for an invigorating workout. Level: L1-2.