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    ThinkFit®: MultiLevel Circuit Blast

    Erika Quest leads you through a ThinkFit MultiLevel Circuit Blast with 4 stations, 4 props, 2 rounds and 3 passes that will get your heart rate up and your muscles worked in this short 39 minute workout.

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    ThinkFit®: Tempo Up Your Strength & Endurance

    In this 30 minute session, Nico will take you through a functional, integrated workout using two 3-lb weighted balls to work the entire body. Learn the basic movements then add tempo changes to challenge the entire body and increase your heart rate.

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    ThinkFit®: Triplex Training

    The simplicity of circuit training plus the science of ThinkFit programming makes this short class effective, fun and easy to do! Erika Quest uses 3 stations, 2 rounds and a team challenge to spice up the workout, create social interaction and enhance neuroplasticity.