Balanced Body is moving our Streaming Video Program to a new service provider. Unfortunately we cannot accept new subscriptions at this time.

We will be back up and running on July 1, 2018 for new subscribers.

If you would like to be notified by email when we “go live”, please click here.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you to the new Balanced Body Streaming Video Program soon!

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CoreAlign® Videos

  1. video thumbnail for Aligned, Strong and Fit on the CoreAlign®

    Aligned, Strong and Fit on the CoreAlign®

    Focus on alignment and full-body conditioning with a workout from Tom McCook.

  2. video thumbnail for CoreAlign Hip & Shoulder Program

    CoreAlign Hip & Shoulder Program

    Explore shoulder and hip exercise progressions on the CoreAlign with Lindy Royer. Discover how to use the unique features of the CoreAlign to strengthen, restore and enhance sports specific performance.

  3. video thumbnail for CoreAlign Level 1 Workout

    CoreAlign Level 1 Workout

    The CoreAlign is an amazing functional fitness offering from Balanced Body that provides a unique and effective workout. In this video Nora St. John gives an introductory overview of the CoreAlign and then takes us through a beginning/intermediate level workout.

  4. video thumbnail for CoreAlign Winter Sports Program

    CoreAlign Winter Sports Program

    PT Lindy Royer goes through a CoreAlign workout designed to improve performance in winter sports.

  5. video thumbnail for Gait on the CoreAlign

    Gait on the CoreAlign

    Gait expert Nancy Myers of EHS Pilates takes you through a gait-focused workout on the CoreAlign.

  6. video thumbnail for Pilates on the CoreAlign

    Pilates on the CoreAlign

    Nancy Myers of EHS Pilates takes you through a Pilates-based workout on the CoreAlign.