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    Athletic Bodhi

    Join Nico Gonzalez in this athletic inspired, tough workout that pushes you to find your own inner athlete on the Bodhi Suspension system. Level: L3.

  2. video thumbnail for Bodhi for Men

    Bodhi for Men

    Join Viktor Uygan as he takes you through this full bodied, challenging strength training workout on the Bodhi Suspension system. Great for a fast paced workout and for those with previous suspension training experience. Level: L3.

  3. video thumbnail for Dancing on the Ropes

    Dancing on the Ropes

    Join Joy Karley as she takes you through a challenging and functional dance on the Bodhi Ropes that works the entire body. Level: L2.

  4. video thumbnail for Mat on the Ropes

    Mat on the Ropes

    Join Joy Karley for the stability and strength of Bodhi Suspension training with the refinement and precision of Pilates for an invigorating workout. Level: L1-2.

  5. video thumbnail for Introducing the Bodhi Suspension System™ (FREE)

    Introducing the Bodhi Suspension System™ (FREE)

    Unlike any other ropes suspension system, Bodhi has two independent ropes and four suspension points. And each suspension point gives you a lot more exercises – with varying different degrees of difficulty!

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    Bodhi Suspension System

    Join Portia Page for a workout on the world’s first four-point suspension system for fitness!